Welcome to a Sample of the LA Flood Project.
This locative media narrative continues to develop with material from the artist collective LAinundacion. Experience the flood in two ways: The archive of the Twitter simulation (Oct.20-27) and on the map below. Also, follow along the Twitter Feed: @LAFloodProject.

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You can also download the map for viewing in Google Earth

The Fictional Narrative is made up of two kinds of texts:

  1. Character Monologues at each stage of the flood.
  2. Location Descriptions for each stage of the flood

Click on the map to explore the drafts of the narratives.

New content includes: Tim Michael’s performance of Ousmane, the Senegalese worker at the California African American Museum, written by Nzingha Clarke and the text and video for Rafael Huitzilin Tochtli by Abel Salas.