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A flood has hit Los Angeles. It is spilling deeper across streets, yards, roads; a disaster is unfolding across the city and voices are being heard from the epicenter and beyond.

The LA Flood Project is a Rashomon-style multi-POV locative narrative experience that unfolds across LA, spilling over our cast of characters and the participants who join the flood through their cell phones. The Flood dredges to the surface the unspoken laws and logic of the city. It reveals hidden boundaries even as it spills over them.

To engage the Flood, Angelenos can explore the map at home or at each location.

The Locative Narrative

A locative narrative is a tale set against a geographic location. If you have ever walked around a museum with an audio guide, you have experienced one kind. Now imagine going to those locations and encountering parts of a story. The Locative Narrative of the LA Flood is made up of two kinds of texts:

  • Character Monologues at each stage of the flood.
  • Location Descriptions for each stage of the flood

Click on the map to explore the drafts of the narratives.

The Netprov

The LA Flood Project is also a multi-day netprov. What is a netprov? In this live-Tweeted collaborative project, we simulated the stages of the flood over Twitter, and participants tweeted out their experience, using the laflood hashtag. For the netprov, participants created characters and narrated their story arcs alone and in collaboration with others. The netprov was created out of conversations with Rob Wittig, co-founder of Meanwhile… Netprov Studio.

LA FLood Netprov Transcript

You can read the transcripts of on of the run-throughs here.


LA Inundacion

Creative Director: * Mark C. Marino

Creators: * Jeremy Douglass * Juan B. Gutierrez * Jeremy Hight * Mark C. Marino * Lisa Anne Tao

Authors: Jeremy Douglass, Jeremy Hight, Juan B Gutierrez with writing from LA Inundacion, including, Abel Salas, Nzingha Clarke, Lisa Anne Tao, Sean Henry, Roberto Leni, Daniel Olivas, Laura Press, Ann Gustafson, Kevin Schaaf, and Ne TAylor

Voices: * Percival Arcibal (Sonny Barstow) * Matisha Baldwin (Leticia West) * Jim Holmes (Narrator, Austin Grant, Prof. Sid) * the late great James Hurd (Rev. Les. R. Fretten, Travis Barabbas Kingsilver) * Roberto Leni (Manny Velasco) * Michelle Ortiz (Elizabeta)